Friday, May 14, 2010

Blog #2.... getting at it.

There isn't anyone more surprised that I'm up to blog post #2. I switched the blog layout around. I added my ps3 trophies, which is the banner that says "Attaraxia" at the top with a bunch of trophies. I enjoy getting trophies on the ps3, and it is MY blog, so I will force you to look at it each and every time you click onto my blog. I shrunk the video size of the "annoying commercial" and trust me, I am surprised I knew how to shrink the size. I guess HTML editing isn't THAT hard. I still want to keep this blog relatively upbeat, so I won't post anything too serious... Yet.

In upcoming posts, I will discuss some serious issues going on in the world today, like the B.S. immigration law in Arizona, the Iraq war, and other issues, mostly political related. Why? I dunno why. I wake up in the morning pissed off more and more about how this country is ran. I like to consider myself an independent. I'm no more liberal than I am conservative, although I do tend to agree more with what the liberals have to say. I will also discuss less serious things like sports, American Idol (my wife makes me watch it so I might as well try to enjoy it... or enjoy making fun of it), or whatever else may come across my mind.

This is just a quick post to prove that I have the desire to keep a blog. It's not to prove anything to you, it's to prove it to me that I can write freely every now and then. The following music video first caught my attention while watching, of all things, Encino Man on Cinemax. I thought it had a good riff to it, but what made me like it even more were the lyrics. Here's a sample of the lyrics. If you want the full lyrics, Google it.

"This was once the land of dreams
now these dreams have turned to greed
in the midst of all this wealth
the poor are left to help themselves"

and that is it for us today. Here's Sacred Reich TO PLAY US OUT.

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